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We are organizing a Local Ad Swap to help strengthen Colorado businesses by providing lots of free advertising simply for participating. Contact us today to get set up.

What Are Our Hosts Saying?

  • This program is so inventive and wonderful. It gives small businesses the opportunity to grow without having to worry about breaking the bank! Thank you for what you are doing!! Kristen H
  • I've seen your ads in a number of places & it's a great way to find out about other cool places. Gayle L
  • So far you have gone above and beyond....keep up the great work! Mike M
  • Simple...easy to manage. Steve W

Promoting your business can be a challenge. Thankfully the Billy Goat Group is here to help. Which of these best describes you:

I'm a business owner who wants to learn about the local advertising swap. My business has walk in customers and I want to know how I can get free advertising that will be seen by 4,000 to 8,000 potential customers every month.

(Learn How You Can)

I own a business and want to learn about the most cost effective way to market to consumers and grow my business. For a budget of $960 I can have 36,000 targeted customers read my sales pitch for 2-full minutes. Imagine your two-minute commercial read by a targeted customer for 2.5 cents a piece. Unbelievable!

(Believe It)

Become a Host

Make your unused wall space work for you

We invite you to participate in our local advertising swap. Join a great group of local businesses like: Denver Zoo, Denver Firefighter's Museum, Bastien's Steakhouse, Colorado Free University, as well as many great restaurants, theaters, bars and gyms all around Denver. If you don't have a public venue, don't worry, you can still advertise with us.

Participation in our ad swap can come at no cost to you. Receive free advertising in venues of your choice. Your free ads will reach 4,000 - 8,000+ prospects every month. All we ask is that you host a few of our unobtrusive advertising frames. As a host, you will be in total control of the types of ads displayed at your business.

Again, our program is free for you because we are able to sell excess advertising space to businesses like: real estate agents, ski resorts and event promoters. See some samples.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of our host businesses directly such as:

Contact Scott Anderson by phone or email and setup a time for a quick 5-minute meeting today. Don't wait to grow your business.

Advertising With Billy Goat

Get the biggest bang for your buck

Target the exact customers you want in the real world through our unique and effective media.

The Billy Goat Group is passionate about promoting Denver businesses of all sizes. We pride ourselves in delivering quality advertising campaigns to fit every budget. We keep our staff small and overhead low and we pass the savings on to you. If you have a public location and a bit of free wallspace, you can even become a host.

Our Denver Metro area network makes 500,000+ impressions every month in restaurants, theaters, bars, gyms, museums, bowling alleys, breweries, comedy clubs, casinos and more. Take a peek at a few of our current running ads.

Start a new campaign with us or allow us to help you reinforce existing campaigns in digital, print, radio or TV. We will help you to unlock the potential of your business. We will even help you with Ad Design.

Contact Brok McFerron by phone or email to get started today.

Our Network

A map of our satisfied customers, and all the places where you could be advertising

Our Current Clients Include…

  • Denver Zoo
  • Loveland Ski Area
  • Bastien's Steak House
  • University of Northern Colorado - Center for Urban Education
  • Denver Firefighter's Museum
  • Banzai Sushi
  • Argonaut Wine and Liquor
  • JC Realty
  • Denver Firefighter's Museum
  • Progressive Health Center
  • Colorado Free University
  • Dostal Alley Brewery
  • The Lobby
  • Larimer Lounge
  • Huckleberry Roasters
  • Breckenridge Distillery
  • Sasquatch Casino
  • Colorado Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities
  • Broadway Chiropractic
  • Tony P's
  • Colorado State Patrol
  • Attorney Kevin Flesch
  • TruVision Health
  • Colorado Horse Park
  • Meshcasting
  • Caveman Chefs
  • And Many Others…
Ready to join them? Start advertising or become a host today.

Client Ads

Sample ads from our clients

Full Ads

Full Sheet Ads Fill the Entire Frame

Partial Ads

Partial Sheet Ads Each Fill 1/3 of a Frame

This is just a small sampling of the hundreds of ads on display throughout our network. Next time you spot an advertising frame is a restaruant or lobby, look for the Billy Goat Group logo. Those advertising slots you see could be yours.

About Us

We're Billy Goat Group

Billy Goat Group is founded on the opportunity to help small local businesses thrive. Founders Will and Brok know what it is like to run a small business. Together they have years of experience starting and running small companies. They understand the challenges proprieters face, particulary when it comes to getting the word out. So, the two of them started The Billy Goat group in an effort to make promoting your business as straightforward and painless and possible.

Brok McFerron

Brok McFerron

Brok is a Serial Entrepreneur having created several successful companies in Media, Real Estate and Home & Garden Products.

Brok has worked with several media campaigns for a wide variety of Clients around Colorado such as: Colorado Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities (CACPWD), Colorado State Patrol, Denver Zoo, Loveland Ski Area and more.

Having extensive experience with Direct Mail Marketing and email marketing, Brok understands communications and effective outreach for a variety of campaigns.

Prior to founding Billy Goat Group, Brok owned a real estate company. Brok is at home in all things engineering, data, numbers, and is still surprisingly creative. Before his real estate venture, Brok worked on Wall Street for Lehman Brothers back in 2002 which was his first job after earning a BS in Computer Science from MIT.

Scott Anderson

Scott has a long history of helping customers meet their needs. When he isn't working, you'll find him exploring the southwest visiting every music festival he can find the time for.

A 5 minute conversation is all it takes to get started